Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011, I've Been Waiting for You

Wow! 2011 is here! I have been counting down to this year since I decided to go to pharmacy school lots of years ago! I can't believe it's actually here and is already flying by! I'm counting down until my January rotation is over (3 weeks), counting down until rotations are over (7 weeks), and counting down until graduation (a little under 4 months)! Like my sister-in-law said in one of her posts as she will be graduating from nursing school this year, "2011 is a year I have thought about for a long time. Now that it’s here I don’t have another year in my head. That is a weird feeling." I couldn't have said it better Hannah!

I'm excited to be a pharmacist, scared to death that I will make a mistake, but I am looking forward to taking care of my patients and growing constantly in knowledge. I am ready to be a better wife, spend more time encouraging my husband, and not be so focused on passing an exam, or turning in an assignment, and preparing billions of presentations month after month.

I havent blogged in a while and never gave an update about my December rotation. It was a great month spent at Target pharmacy! I had a great time with everyone there. I did alot of what I am already familiar with from working at Walgreens. It was just greeting patients, filling prescriptions, calling doctors, taking transfers, and patient counseling. My preceptor did a topic discussion every week about a self care topic. We covered cough/cold, pregnancy/lactation, and a pediatrics self care. I don't think I have ever made so many recommendations before for diphenhydramine, dextromethorphan, guaifenesin, pseudoephedrine, and cough drops for sneezing, running noses, coughs, congestion and sore throats. I'm amazed I did not get any sickness from that rotation. Washing my hands and using hand sanitizer helped I believe.

I just finished my first week at Atkinson Pharmacy for my geriatrics rotation. I will give an update once I complete that one. But I'm having a great time there so far.

House update: It's coming along and feeling more like a home rather than a dirty run down office space...

Demolition weekend: Getting nails out, the gross floors up and tearing off the concrete siding of the house:

Here's the concrete siding! Glad that's off now!

David helping Fred build stuff for the backyard

Outside kitchen area :)

Our pavers!

The windows and doors have all been cut out, this is a view of kitchen/living room area

Our bedroom with the 2 windows and double doors going out to the back yard (It's exciting to see the floor plan that we drew up come to life!)

From left to right: Where our potty and bath tub will be (can't see where the shower is going), our bathroom window (won't be able to see in the glass that's going in), our sink area, closet area, then at the front of house is our office area

More updates to come :)

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