Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exciting Times

Hi all,
Thought it is about time to do some blogging. First, I just want to say that David was accepted to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy!!!! He received an email last Friday informing him that he was smart enough and that they wanted him. He will be starting in August and will graduate in 2014 as Dr. David Ashley White, PharmD. I am so proud of him and I am so thankful he is my husband. Since he was not previously a gator fan, he said he would not be a gator until he was finally accepted. So, in preparation for him getting accepted I bought him a gator shirt (I just had a really good feeling he was in since he is such a genius) and hid it under our living room chair. When he got the email I gave him a nice little present. :)

Here's a picture of Dave with his acceptance email and his new gator shirt:

So, what else is new? I finished my first rotation!!! I'm going to miss the VA so much! The people there were awesome and I loved teaching my diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol clinics. I learned so much from the other physicians and pharmacists I worked with in the wound, GI, mental health, and cardiology clinics. I just wanted to share some things that stuck out in my mind the most. I asked the cardiologist why she picked cardiology as her focus. Her response: "In med school, I knew for sure I didn't want to do GI because rotating throughout the clinics and sitting through colonoscopies, we were always told the air has to go somewhere during the procedure and in the recovery room." I couldn't stop giggling until my second month at the VA I knew exactly what she was talking about. I sat through my first colonoscopy and the patient is just passing gas like crazy! The doc is just chillaxin and acting like its normal. I was mortified! And then I knew exactly why that field was not for her. But if you ever have a colonoscopy, you will have meds that will knock you out and you won't remember a thing! Just a word of advice: Please do the bowel prep just as prescribed. I saw what it looks like (your bowels and large intestine) when patients have a sub-par bowel prep and it's not pretty! Plus you will just be sent home and have to do it all over again!! But on a serious note, these docs are just as important because they are able to detect cancers and so forth. So go get your colonoscopy if you are at that age!! The cardiologist also taught me what the word "Pendulous" means in terms of describing a certain anatomy. During a breast exam, if you have long and flabby breasts, they will describe them as pendulous. hehe, thought that was a funny random fact of the day, especially from a cardiologist. When I went to the wound clinic, I saw so many things I never thought I would see. So many amputations from toes, feet, and legs due to diabetes and smoking! I also got to see a skin graft put on a patients leg that was burned. The doctor was telling me about the company that they get the grafts from and its a very neat story. The company that supplies the VA with skin grafts, Apligraf, had donated all of their grafts to the victims of Sept 11 at no charge and due to this, the company went out of business. After several years a large company came in and got them up and running again. The grafts are made from fetal foreskin and 1 foreskin sample can grow over a football field amount of graft tissue. I'm so amazed at science and technology, its so cool! I don't even think I can type my experiences from the mental health clinic. All I can say is interviewing schizophrenic patients is a rare opportunity and boy was it interesting! So this was my first rotation. I was exposed to so many different things, people and places. I will miss it so much, I kinda got teary eyed when I left today because I didn't really want to leave.

Anything else new? Yes! My aunt and uncle were telling us about this Organic produce co-op that they have been a part of for the past several weeks along with alot of families from our church. Every Thursday they pick up a large bag full of organic grown vegetables and fruit and you get whatever is in the bag for $25. Every week you get a variety of things and it's always different. David and I decided to become a part of it because you can't beat the price and you get so much fresh fruits and veggies! I also thought that since you can't pick or choose what you get every week, we will be getting things that we may not necessarily buy at the grocery store. So we can try some new things that are healthy for us. Here's a picture of what I picked up today from the co-op:

We got a cucumber, asian pears, a pineapple, avocados, new potatoes, big juicy navel oranges, kiwi, huge broccoli florets, snap peas, and a huge head of lettuce! It's so much for so little and it's all organic. I'm so excited to see what we get next Thursday.

Prayer request needed: My next rotation will take me to Flagler hospital in St. Augustine. This is too far for me to make the drive daily so I will be staying with some family friends for 8 weeks. I will be able to come home on the weekends but I don't like that I will be away from David and everybody else for this long. I know everything will be fine but 8 weeks is a long time to be away. But I keep reminding myself that I can do anything for 8 weeks.

Love to you all,

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