Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slow Progress

Hi all,
Just a quick house update. Things are moving along slowly and hope to start getting the ball rolling here this coming week. The city has put a few kinks in the plans. Before we can get a permit and do anything, they want to know everything. What's going on the floors, what's going in the kitchen, what's going in the backyard, what's going on the outside, who is going to be doing the work, yada yada yada. So we (mostly mom and Fred) have spent these past few weeks getting quotes from different companies and we have had to pick out EVERYTHING before getting started on anything! Today me and mom went and finally picked out all of the flooring materials. Here is a picture of what we decided on. It's going to be dark wood floors throughout the kitchen, living room, and front hallway and then the carpet in the three bedrooms. The white piece of wood is the cabinet sample that we decided for the kitchen. Going for the classic Pottery Barn look :) (on a budget)

This is the kitchen look we are shooting for

Here's the backyard. Fred and his workers are probably going to be finishing this first. I'm so excited about our backyard! We're getting pavers!!

Hopefully we will get the demolition on the inside started shortly! Sure hope so because our lease ends at the end of January. It's kind of a bitter sweet feeling having to move out of our apartment. Even though we are renting, it's been our first home for me and Dave. I will always look back and be thankful for this little one bedroom apartment.

There are so many great things going on. The holidays are coming up, we get to spend time with family and friends, another rotation will be ending at the end of this week, another rotation will be starting in a week, small (very small) groups have been a great encouragement and a time of learning and growing in God's Word, there is just so much I am thankful for. God has so richly blessed us beyond measure!

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