Saturday, October 23, 2010

On to the next one...

5 Rotations down and 4 to go!! Graduation is coming up so fast! I'm not sure how I feel about that either! I'm excited but I'm really going to miss school. I feel like I'm going to be a real grown-up with a real job. That's scary! But I guess that's life.

I just completed my academic rotation yesterday. It was one of my favorite rotations! I just spent 4 weeks at the college at Shands Hospital going to all of the classes and helping out. The very first class to attend on my schedule was one of David's classes. He had a presentation to give that day and I got to sit in and listen to him. I'm so proud of him. He is so brilliant! There were two other academic students with me and we were able to see what goes on behind the scenes in the academia world. We had the responsibility of grading student performances, teaching some courses, and holding student evaluation meetings. Just attending class to help out provided a great review of alot of information. On our last day we were treated to lunch at bb's (very nice place!) in the San Marco area. That was so nice of Dr. Motycka to take us out! If you've never been to bb's, you should try it out!

Dave is now half way done with his first semester of pharmacy school! As he would say, "I'm 1/16th done with pharmacy school!" I still can't even believe he is already in school! Time is going by so fast! I just want it to slow down a little! Dave is doing great with school. Hes making alot of A's (not gonna lie, I'm a little bit jealous!). It's fun to see what all he is studying and to talk about medical stuff with him. I get a great refresher as well. Next year he will be learning all about the drugs and I can't wait!

The house is slowly starting to get rolling! We just got a permit this past week to get the demolition started. We also received our floor plan this past week and that is all planned and finished. We went to Lowe's last night and picked out all of our appliances!! That was pretty exciting! They had a sale going on until Sunday where you can get 20% off Whirlpool appliances as well as a 400 dollar rebate if you get 4 appliances! So we saved alot of money!!! We decided to go with the gas stovetop!! I'm so excited about it but I still have to do my research to make sure we can put a gas tank on our property so everything is to "code". All these rules and regulations are really frustrating to deal with! So if all is ok then we keep the gas, but if for some reason it can't be done we will have to take that back and get an electric stovetop. So we will just have to see.

My next rotation starts Monday. I have Drug Information at the Mayo Clinic. I've heard it's a pretty good rotation so we will see how it goes :)

Miranda also spent a day with us around town takin some pics for us. Gotta decide which one is Christmas card worthy...

And this one was all Dave's idea...

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